About Us

DJP Health Story

It all started after being seen lack of information amongst overseas visitors about importance of Health Insurance and selecting right Insurance product. We all have heard and seen, some visitors being faced with significantly high medical expenses which could have been avoided with having right health insurance in Australia.

“Not having right insurance is nothing different than having no insurance”

Hence we started DJP Health, for you to have faster, simpler and hassle free experience. We help you to find, compare and buy the right health insurance product from leading health insurance providers.

“Find Right Health Insurance policies from leading Australian Health Funds”

Our Goal

Our goal is simple that we want to help you with selection of best policies at one place, make informed decision about health insurance policy and buy right insurance policy that is suitable to your needs.

“Our Vision is to help you to find right policy and have peace of mind”

How we work

We work with leading health insurance providers who are first choice for most overseas visitors to Australia for their health insurance needs and are acknowledged for their best service in Australia.

We provide you with number of options of overseas visitor health cover policy from leading health insurance providers at one place based on information you provide.

We ensure that you have access to all information about overseas visitor health cover policy so that you can make the informed decision and select the right health cover that best suit your personal needs.

Once selected health cover, you can purchase it online at your convenience or on the phone.

“We charge no fees for our service”

Note that we do not mark up the product price nor charge anything to you for our service. We receive a commission for every policy we sell.