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What is Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Overseas Visitors Health Cover is private health insurance specially designed for international visitors willing to travel or work in Australia for a short time period on a temporary visa.

OVHC may help you with the cost of:

  • hospital expenses – overnight or same day accommodation
  • medical treatment when you're in hospital
  • emergency ambulance transport and on the spot treatment
  • doctor (GP & Specialists) consultation
  • medical services like X-Rays and Blood Reports
  • out of hospital pharmacy

Why Purchase Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Medical treatments in Australia can get very expensive if you do not have an adequate OVHC and you could face significant medical bills if it happens to you to receive medical treatment while you are in Australia.

With certain visas, it has a condition (e.g. 8501) that requires you to maintain an adequate health cover while you are staying in Australia.

Although it is not the condition on your visa, but it is highly recommended that you get Overseas Visitors Health Cover for the entire duration of your stay in Australia, having purchased OVHC gives peace of mind that you are covered if something unexpected happens to you.

Our Comparison and Health Fund Partners

We are partnered with some of Australia’s leading health funds that provide health covers to international visitors in Australia. Policies listed in our Comparison are from the health funds we are partnered with and we do not compare policies from all health funds available in Australia.

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